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MJ Magazine 

Regina writes the astrology segment for MJ Magazine, 

a LUX cannabis culture & lifestyle magazine originated in Oakland, California. MJ Magazine is now on shelves

in Barnes and Nobel and Books A Million nationwide. 


MJ Magazine Blog

August 2019

"The Empress and The Emblem of Venus"

MJ Magazine Blog
October 2019
All Hallows Eve Astrology
"A Witches Astronomical Almanac"

"The Wheel of Fortune and The Era of Enlightenment"

December 2019

A Guide on establishing new soul contracts for 2020

This Magic Life


This Magic Life was located in the Heart of San Francisco and is where Regina gained credibility as a tarot practitioner. This Magic Life was a spa and metaphysical boutique owned and operated by women.

This Magic Life has since closed, however this sanctuary was where Regina first gained credibility as a formal divination practitioner and will forever hold a special place within the heart of her career.

The Retrograde Project
Regina offers tidbits and advice on how to manage retrograde energies on her Instagram page as og-queen. The Retrograde Project offers advice on how to navigate retrograde energies.



Follow hashtag #ogqueentarot on Instagram to view  New Podcasts, Astronomical Updates, Exclusive Menu Options, Discounts, Specials and more!

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