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Regina Leigh first discovered Intuitive Tarot Divination at the early age of 11 years old. Her mother and her grandmother, played an intricate role in Regina's curiosity in the occult. Regina's sister Draya Love; author of the book "Love Letter To My Life", also began her spiritual journey continuing the generational influence of the divine feminine. Stories told of her great grandmother levitating tables and practicing magic sparked her interest and set motion into clarifying her souls purpose. Regina provides tarot divination as a tool and spiritual guidance to all who seek a fresh new perspective on life.

Regina discovered tarot through her mother gifting her, her first Oracle Deck, The Medicine Card Deck: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals. She was fascinated by mythology, astrology, numerology, divination and occult studies early on. She intuitively began practicing reading tarot on a regular playing card deck, interpreting numbers and suits, and it was here where she developed her intuitive abilities and discovered the craft of Tarot Divination. Regina formed new intuitive concepts of divination as a holistic healing tool to reach individuals on a mental, emotional, spiritual level and beyond.

Regina famously began her tarot practice at the metaphysical Spa & Boutique located in the heart of San Francisco called This Magic Life where she provided privatized tarot and oracle readings and gained her credibility as San Francisco's renowned Tarot Practitioner. Regina also offers her astronomical insights as the Astrology Segment Writer for MJ Magazine; a luxury cannabis, lifestyle and culture magazine, available at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million nation wide.

Regina offers insights as the mystic icon og_queen on Instagram, along with writing for

MJ Magazine where she also provides an online blog. She also provides in person and remote readings to clients around the world from Canada to Japan to London, including high profile celebrity clients such as Kelly Fox The Astrologer and Socialite and Author of "Letters To The Men I Have Loved" Mirtha Michelle Castro. Regina teaches online tarot courses teaching The OG Queen Tarot Course available to those who desire to delve deeper into their own tarot practice. Like, share and subscribe to The OG Queen Tarot You Tube channel for your free weekly tarot readings and stay tuned for upcoming astrology updates, future projects, press releases and more!

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